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Genuine caterpillar bearing - 2j-8489

caterpillar bearing

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Price (ex VAT) €37.18
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Surplus Stock Worldwide AER
Name: Surplus Stock Worldwide AER
Location: aer,
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Part Description

Caterpillar bearing 2j-8489 153 163 4 5 55 56 5A 56H 5S 6 6A 6S 6SU D5 D5B D6D D5H XL D5R LGP D5R XL D5R2 D6D SR D6E D6E SR D6F SR D6G D6G SR D6G2 LGP D6GC D6H D6H II D6H XL D6H XR D6M D6N D6N LGP D6N XL D6R D6R II D6R III D6R LGP D6R STD D6R XL D6T D6T LGP D6T XL D6T XW D7R Loc pallet 17 B2

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