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Unlock the hidden value of your surplus parts in just Two simple steps

At Surplus Stock Worldwide we know your surplus parts have a market value and if potential buyers knew you had them in stock, you would sell them. 

Guess what! We provide an online solution that does just that.  In just two simple steps, you can list your parts online in our virtual warehouse and begin to generate sales from new customers across the globe.

Step 1

Subscribe as a Seller by choosing a plan that best suits your business needs. Click here to view Price Plans..

Step 2

Upload your parts or alternatively we will upload your Parts for you

Click on the video below to learn about how we can help you sell your surplus parts

That's it!  Now that your parts are with Surplus Stock Worldwide, you can reap the benefits, including:

Reach Thousands Of Buyers

We have a vast network of buyers who are looking to purchase your parts including, dealers and distributors of vehicles and machinery, OEM’s, international procurement agencies, hire companies, contractors and consumers.

Turn Your Parts Into Cash

To deal with the problem of surplus parts, businesses are forced to write down the value of their parts stock. With our solution you can sell your written down stock, generating cash which has an immediate positive impact on your bottom line.

Hassle Free Parts Upload Service

Surplus Stock Worldwide provides a unique range of services including "Parts Upload" ensuring your experience is hassle free, saving you time and money.

Proven SEO Capability

With proven Search Engine Optimisation capability, Surplus Stock Worldwide propels your parts and your business to the no.1 position on Google, increasing your sales opportunities from customers located across the world.

Parts Performance Reports

Receive regular updates on the performance of your advertised parts and access other valuable data analytics provided by Surplus Stock Worldwide.

Sell Direct To Buyers

Parts Buyers from across the world contact your business directly to purchase your parts. You set the price and you make the sale - we don't charge you commission!

Can't find a part? Create a Wish List and we'll find it for you or Contact Us

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