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Surplus Stock Worldwide Features Explained

Surplus Stock Worldwide Features Explained



Parts Performance Reports

With Surplus Stock Worldwide Parts Performance Reports, each Seller has access to information on Buyer engagement with their parts listed on the platform, enabling them to analyse data and develop a pricing strategy to appeal to buyers from across the world, plus providing them with information on parts interest in various regions across the worldwide.

Parts Views

With graphs, a list of the top 50 parts viewed and the ability to drill into the country of origin of the view, the Seller has information on worldwide interest in their parts.

Phone Number Reveals

Phone number reveals is indicative of parts enquiries by telephone, as each time the buyer reveals the Seller's phone number to make a call, we record the part on which the number was revealed and the country of origin. This information is displayed in graph form, complete with a table of the top 50 parts delivering the stats.

E Mail Enquiries

When a Buyer sends an enquiry to the Seller by e mail, we record the parts details and display them in the report in the same format as the Parts Views and Phone Number reveals.

All reports can be displayed over a time range which can be selected on the Seller Dashboard, providing the Seller with an overview of buyer activity.

Each e mail enquiry received from a Buyer, contains a link to enable the Seller to respond to the enquiry in a fast and efficient manner .

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